Tire: The government is responding to a woman’s distress for cancer screening

In response to a complaint And distress Posted on the social networking site of a woman who suffers from cancer, and needs an atomic scan ray and appeals for her help, immediately the unified government complaints system in the cabinet responded to the lady’s help, where a committee was formed and the patient was examined at home and necessary work was done, and the woman’s treatment was changed from the treatment of diabetes with tablets To insulin.-

The governmental system continued, that a treatment decision will be extracted at the state’s expense, and coordination with the University Oncology Center in Sharkia Governorate, to conduct its peaks surveying, indicating that coordination will be made by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province, with the Eastern Governor, to find a job opportunity for her son in the private sector .

It is worth noting that the unified government complaints system has announced in advance that during the month of October last year, 62568 complaints, requests and distress were dealt with, in implementation of the instructions of the Prime Minister to facilitate the ways for citizens to communicate with the government, receive and monitor complaints through the system and quickly coordinate with government agencies to remove the causes Those complaints, the examination and review of number 61957 has been completed, where 46,613 complaints were directed to the competent authorities, and 15344 complaints were filed according to the guidelines for examining and reviewing the complaints before they were directed to the competent authorities, including for example repetition, lack of jurisdiction, and the incorrectness of the complaint’s data and contents , Remove a The door of the complaint, and the completion of an ongoing examination of 611 complaints and applications in preparation for the necessary action.

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