News TIR in Ankara mowed the car! 2 dead,...

TIR in Ankara mowed the car! 2 dead, 1 injured – NEWS


Accident, around 23.00 Ankaraoccurred on the Ankara Bolu road at the junction of Ciğil Village of Kahramankazan district of. While the automobile with 06 E 9990 license plate under the control of Şükrü Polat Avşar (36) goes to the highway from the village road, it collided with 01 AAJ 136 license plate truck that takes biscuits from Ankara under the direction of Mehmet Ö.

According to the news of UAV; The driver Avşar and passenger Şahin Gültekin (36), who was found in the car, which was dragged by the TIR by 25 meters on wet and inclined grounds due to the severity of the accident, lost his life at the scene while the other passenger Ünal Can C. was seriously injured.

A large number of police, firefighters and 112 Emergency Service teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of citizens who saw the accident. After the first intervention of the medical teams, the injured Ünal Can C. was lifted to Ankara City Hospital, while the lifeless body of 2 people who died was removed from the car after the firefighters’ work, and removed to the morgue of Kahramankazan State Hospital.

On the other hand, Afşar, who controls the alcohol, was found to have 240 promil alcohol. TIR driver Mehmet Ö. In the first statement he gave at the police station while being taken into custody by the police, it was learned that he said that he suddenly appeared before the car. Police launched an investigation into the incident.


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