Tips to prevent cell phone heat when playing “mobile games”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Smartphones (smartphone) is increasingly becoming a medium for playing the gym anytime and anywhere.

When used to carry out heavy tasks such as gaming, smartphone may experience overheating or when it occurs overheat so the system will automatically slow down, slow and less responsive.

to control the heat so as not to damage the sensitive components inside smartphone. This is what causes smartphone so slow and unresponsive.

If the temperature smartphone high levels can lead to various serious problems, such as battery leakage, data loss, and other serious problems. Even, smartphone can turn off completely and cannot be turned on again when it has passed a certain temperature.

Here are tips to prevent phone heat while playing game.

Close unused applications

When playing, almost 100 percent of the device’s performance is directed to the app game. Applications running in the background (background) can suck up resources and cause smartphone be slow.

Usually, frequent applications are still running on the background is browser, music, and social media.

To do so, check cache and running applications. Pay attention to the apps that consume the most RAM. turn off unnecessary applications other than the game of your choice so that there is still a lot of RAM capacity left.

Clean save space

Often smartphone full of unnecessary applications that you rarely use. This series of applications can be: browser, application wallpaper, or music and video players, and game.

If these applications are still availableinstall inside smartphone it will drain the available RAM capacity. We recommend that you delete or uninstall the unused application because it has the potential to make performance smartphone slow when playing game.

Use features Clean storage from Settings, then also delete photos, videos, cache, audio, and unused documents or move to SD Card.

choose smartphone cooling system

Use smartphone everyday like to play game over a long period of time often causes heat problems. Therefore, it is better to choose a device that has specifications software and hardware the best, as well as a cooling system that can dissipate excess heat quickly.

One of them is the OPPO Reno6 device which is equipped with the best hardware in its class so that it offers comfort when used for playing mobile game.

In addition, the system Multi-Cooling System it is able to reduce heat 21.9 percent more efficiently when compared to similar devices in the previous version.

Multi-Cooling System OPPO Reno6 has been upgraded by using a combination of aluminum and steel which has high thermal conductivity to provide better heat dissipation.

Three layers of graphite are placed on the top cover frame for heat dissipation and on the battery compartment. Meanwhile, a conductive gel was added to the motherboard and graphite sheet with a thickness of 0.01mm in the s . sectionpeaker, chip, and processor.

This cooling system keeps the OPPO Reno6 at a stable temperature and does not get hot easily, especially for running game in more than an hour.

With additional combination chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, gaming activities on OPPO Reno6 also feel more comfortable and fun.



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