Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight during Long Holidays


JAKARTA – Holidays are the best relaxing time that many people have been waiting for. We can do various things while on vacation, whether spending it with the closest people or going on vacation to some exotic tourist destinations, which make us feel stress-free and feel happy.

However, there are also things that must be considered while on vacation, because most of us eat carelessly in order to relieve stress. Keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

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Here are a few ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, as reported by the page Boldsky.

1. Plan the food and the number of calories
Plan your diet in such a way that you can be more organized and know what to eat for breakfast or dinner.

2. Don’t skip meals
You may regret spending the whole day eating all kinds of food. However, skipping meals to compensate for this excessive consumption will not help you avoid gaining weight.

3. Don’t Drink Sweet Drinks or Avoid Soda
Avoid certain types drink, whether alcoholic or not like soda, because alcoholic drinks can slow down your metabolism. While soft drinks contain so much sugar that you will gain weight.

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4. Drink a glass of water before eating
Take advantage of this fact and drink a glass of water before you eat to fill it partially. This will also reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

5. Consume More Protein, Fruits and Vegetables
Stay away from unhealthy foods like a bowl of potato cream or cheese cake. And, take your pick healthier foodsuch as vegetables and fruit salads.



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