“Tips for Increasing the Shelf Life of Peonies in a Vase”

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Magnificently blooming peonies are not only an eye-catcher in the garden. In the vase, however, with the wrong care, they only show their blossoms for a short time – if they open the buds at all.

The peony is one of the finest cut flowers in the vase. Anyone who treats themselves to a bouquet of the valuable plants in the flower shop or cuts them off the bush in the garden naturally wants to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. With a few tips you can increase the shelf life of the peonies.

Clear the first hurdle: the buds of the peonies wither

If you have a choice, choose an opaque vase for peonies if possible. © Westend61/Imago

You have a magnificent bouquet of peonies in the vase, but they just don’t want to open their buds? Then take a closer look at the buds: if they are still green and quite tightly closed, not much will happen. Then so that the flowers can developshould be at least a small part of the colored petals to see for yourself and the bud to be a little softer.

You should heed these three points if you want the peonies in the vase to bloom for a long time:

  1. The right cutting technique: To ensure that the peonies are well supplied with water up to the blossoms, you should cut the stems at an angle of about three to five centimeters before they are placed in the vase.
  2. The right vase: If you only have a transparent glass at hand, it should be colored as dark as possible. If in doubt, a vase made of clay or porcelain, for example, is more suitable, as the stems are sensitive to light and will wither more quickly. Also, be careful not to crush the stems in the vase, so make sure the vessel is big enough. The cleanliness of the vase is also a must, otherwise bacteria will form more quickly.
  3. The location: No matter how beautifully the sunlight plays around the open flowers – both sun and drafts shorten the life of the peony bush. But they do like it bright, so the living room is usually well suited. Only fruit should not be too close, as depending on the variety, they emit more or less ripening gases, which also affect the flowers.
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The peony leaves are out of place in the vase

While the peony’s leaves are also attractive, don’t overdo them in the vase: remove the lower leaves so there are none submerged and the stems are still three-quarters submerged.

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