Tips for Choosing a Doctor for Child Consultation


JAKARTA – Every parent would want the best for children. No exception when choosing a pediatrician. Consulting a pediatrician can be an important factor in the process growth and development the baby.

Especially for children who have special medical conditions that require intensive care and monitoring by a pediatrician.

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Choosing the best pediatrician does not have a definite formula like math. There are factors of subjectivity that influence parents’ decisions when choosing a doctor’s consultation. Parent A may think Doctor B is the best, but Parent C may think Doctor D is the best.

Here are tips for choosing doctor children for consultation as recommended by Primaya Hospital.

1. Find References
Seeking references from others is the most common way before consulting a pediatrician. Parents can find references from anywhere. Start by asking your family members, then then your friends, friends, and coworkers. As much as possible, find references to pediatricians whose location is closest.

2. Communicative Pediatricians
Communication is very important in a pediatrician consultation. Doctors must be able to clearly convey medical explanations and recommendations to parents. The Practice Guidelines published by the Indonesian Pediatrician Association also emphasize that pediatricians need to be communicative.

3. The Doctor’s Decision and Diagnosis
It is only natural that the doctor is sure of his decision and diagnosis. If you feel any doubts when consulting a pediatrician, parents should question the doctor. Frequently asking patients to undergo tests can also be a sign that doctors are unsure of the diagnosis. Parents can ask another doctor’s opinion, aka a second opinion if they find this situation.

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Advances in technology have made it easier for parents who want to consult a doctor. No need to come to the hospital, parents can explain their child’s health problems and ask a doctor’s opinion via the help of the internet. But not all medical complaints can be resolved only by consulting a doctor online. In order for the online consultation to run smoothly, you should also prepare a medical history.

Parents must be prepared with historical documents child health when you want to consult with a pediatrician online. At least parents remember what medical actions the child has received before, including the medicine the child is taking. This information is useful as a basis for doctors to provide an assessment of the child’s medical condition.




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