Tips for a Healthy Diet: Setting Weight Targets, Implementing Regular Breakfast, Enriching Body Fluid Intake, Increasing Fiber Intake, Consuming Protein Foods, Regular Exercise, and Adequate Rest Pattern

RADARSOLO.COM – Often you feel that your activities are disrupted because you are overweight, so you feel uncomfortable when doing activities. Dieting is one way to lose weight, but dieting cannot be done haphazardly.

By changing your eating pattern from an irregular one to a diet that you don’t pay attention to, it can be an effective way to lose weight. Apart from that, the diet also only emphasizes nutritious intake and reduces calories in food. So on a diet you don’t need to use drugs that can be harmful to the body.

The following are tips for a healthy diet to achieve results that suit our desires:

Setting Weight Targets

The first step that can be taken is to set a target weight. So that our motivation and goals for dieting emerge.

Setting a target does not have to reduce drastically from your original weight, so as not to trigger other diseases such as stomach ulcers or diarrhea. It is enough to set a target of around 2-5 kg ​​at the initial stage, so that the body is not surprised by the changes that occur.

Implement a Regular Breakfast

Having a regular breakfast aims to get the body used to it and have strength when carrying out activities, so that when the body’s energy starts to decrease it doesn’t have the habit of tending to eat beyond the limit because it feels hungry.

Apart from that, choose a breakfast menu that doesn’t have a lot of calories, you can have breakfast with whole wheat bread or boiled eggs.

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Enrich your body fluid intake by drinking water

When the body gets sufficient fluid intake, the fat burning mechanism will certainly be maximized. With that, weight will decrease periodically.

Don’t miss it, every time you wake up, drink a glass of water and when you are hungry before eating, don’t forget to drink water first. This will help your stomach feel fuller, so your portion size isn’t too big.

Increase fiber intake such as vegetables and fruit

There is no harm in consuming vegetables and fruit, because fruit and vegetables have a high fiber content and are rich in minerals too. So when you consume fruit and vegetables that have a high fiber content, it will help maximize nutrient absorption and delay digestion, as a result your stomach will feel full for longer.

Consuming Protein Foods

Protein foods that can be consumed to help lose weight are fish, nuts, eggs. So when we consume foods that are high in protein, we will feel hungry longer.

Regular Exercise Maintains the Body’s Metabolism

When we exercise it can help burn fat, so we can lose weight. However, we also have to know our body’s capacity. So when you exercise your body doesn’t experience fatigue which can make you sick.

However, avoid heavy exercise because it can cause blood sugar to become unstable. You can try walking regularly for 30 minutes every day.

Adequate Rest Pattern

When the body experiences fatigue, it can cause laziness to move or exercise. So the body also cannot burn fat properly, this is why it is important to get enough rest because good sleep capacity is also related to weight fluctuations.

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