Tinelli and the role of current leaders

This Monday episode No. 41 aired from the Olé podcast on Spotify. Over the weekend the news of the resignation of Marcelo Tinelli to his position as president of San Lorenzo and in The First Play We not only talked about his departure but also about the management models that the leaders of Argentine soccer clubs have today.

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In this podcast, the drivers Emi Pinsón y Truly Brunati They analyze how the current leaders lead the clubs, those models where there is the figure of the patron or savior and other styles when managing an institution. We are wondering: Is the model of the public figure who governs in a more personalistic way an exhausted model?


After landing on Twitchthe family Ole it continues to expand in this 2022 and adding new formats to reach more audience. The March launch of this daily sports news podcast, hosted by Emi Pinson and Vero Brunati, It occurs within the framework of a joint effort with Spotify, the world’s leading audio platform, and tournament production.

Listen to the trailer for The First Play:

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