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After TINE decided to remove the traditional Easter cream from the milk carton last year, they met an enormous commitment from the people.

– Norway, we heard you, reports TINE in a press release today.

– It was clear speech. Norwegians want crime on the table at Easter. Of course, TINE will give its milk drinks, says Ole Martin Buene, communications director at TINE.

– Last year’s popular uprising is clear proof that TINE and our products mean something extra to people. So this year we are true to the mountain weather rules and acknowledge that it is actually not a shame to turn around.

Without Ulf Ulvheim

For 10 years, author Gunnar Staalesen and illustrator Arild Midthun created Easter mysteries on TINE’s milk cartons. But Staalesen promised last year that it would not be the end of Ulvheim and his mysteries.

BULLEKRIM: This year’s Easter crime with Ulf Ulvheim has been entitled «Gullskillingsbollen»

Photo: Møllerens

And as I said so promised. Recently, Møllerens was able to report that they are breathing new life into the popular crime cartoon series. Ulvheim will now live on on Mølleren’s flour bags, of the variety sifted flour, of course.

The fact that the products are called sifted wheat flour, sifted rye flour and so on, we have had a lot of fun with over the years. In fact, there have been several consumers who have pointed out that we have “sifted” the flour, and the same with “pure flour in the bag”. Easter crime and Møllerens obviously belong together, says kHead of Communications and Digitization Vidar Haugsdal in Møllerens.

TINE’s new crime hero

There will be no new wolves but they will remain in the animal kingdom. TINE can announce that they have found their new master detective. An Easter chicken.

– Last year, Kari and Ola were introduced to TINE’s Easter chicken for the first time. We are very happy to be able to reveal that she is the main character when we now welcome the Easter crime back on our boxes, says Buene.

TINE's Easter crime

TINES ULVHEIM: This is what TINE’s milk cartons looked like when Ulf Ulvheim solved Easter mysteries

Photo: TINE

Author Bobbie Peers and illustrator Sandra Steffensen will lead the way.

It is with a mixture of horror and joy that I have drawn the new characters that will decorate millions of milk cartons towards Easter. TINE’s milk cream is almost iconic to count, says Steffensen.

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