Timo Werner’s High Target at Chelsea


Timo Werner carrying the target high on Chelsea. Werner wants to win as many titles as possible together The Blues.

After finishing fourth in the Premier League standings last season, Chelsea made an overhaul of their squad. The club from West London is actively engaged in the transfer market this summer.

Werner is one of Chelsea’s big purchases. The German striker was recruited from RB Leipzig for a transfer value of 47.5 million pounds.

With Chelsea, Werner has a high target. He wants to take Chelsea to many trophies.

“Excellent at Chelsea, I came here to win the title,” said Werner as reported Sky Sports.

“Of course Chelsea is a big club that wants to win. I’m a player who wants to win every game. Obviously we want to win.”

“Last year we didn’t win much, but I think we have a strong and young team that can develop, where we can be together for a long time,” he continued.

“We are young and want to win; it’s a great way to achieve what I want. I came here to win and win titles, and as much as possible,” said Werner.

Watch VideoChelsea Activates Timo Werner’s 60 Million Euro Release Clause
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