Timeline of Jack Ma Hiding in Japan while avoiding Xi Jinping

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Magnate China and founder of the Alibaba Group, Jack Macalled hiding Japan for some time.

The timeline of Jack Ma’s “hideout” in Japan began as the Chinese government of Xi Jinping continued to roll out tough measures against companies it deemed disobedient to the rules.

China continues to criticize and impose a variety of restrictions and sanctions on tech companies, including that of Jack Ma.

Some time ago it was even reported missing and then reappeared in public.

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China’s crackdown also forced Jack Ma to lose more than half of his $50 billion fortune to $21.7 billion. Since then, Jack Ma has rarely been seen by Chinese audiences.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Jack Ma and his family have been living in Tokyo for six months.

While in Japan, Jack Ma reportedly spent a lot of time taking care of business. It is also called visiting onsen or hot springs and ski resorts in the countryside.

The Guardian Jack ma reportedly often made regular trips to the United States and Israel while in Japan.

Since he often lives overseas, Jack Ma also brought in an assistant security and personal chef. He is also increasingly eager to frequent several elite clubs popular with tycoons.

China continues to hunt down Jack Ma after he criticized government policies that hampered business.

The criticism emerged when he attended a technology company conference in Shanghai two years ago.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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