“Time is ticking for me”: 104-year-old woman begs to see her family before she dies – World

The video of a 104-year-old woman begging to see her family one last time before she dies reveals what this worst pandemic has brought. In addition to the deaths and millions of people infected, loneliness and longing for loved ones is another major problem brought about by Covid-19 rules.

Cathie Russell, who runs the home where Mary Fowler is now decided to share the old lady’s message on Twitter and the video quickly gained notoriety.

The Scottish great-grandmother has been confined for seven months due to the rules that Covid-19 enforces and cries in tears: “I have to see my family.

Since March, the woman has not seen her family except through the window and Mary says: “Time is passing for me”.

The rules for visiting elderly people in homes have become stricter in Scotland in recent weeks, when authorities took steps to halt the second wave of the virus.


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