Timati’s son’s mother responds to rumors about the rapper’s new novel immediately after the two divorces – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

The 24-year-old model Anastasia Resetova said that neither she nor the rapper are planning to establish a new relationship yet.

“Here’s our life for your show. Often something is attributed to how it isn’t, and strangers also have a habit of getting into someone else’s bed. Timati isn’t one,” the new mom wrote.

Recently, the tattoo artist Anna Darbicka and the rapper published several photos, adding the text “Now allowed” to the image. The photos posted made the rapper’s fans think about his possible new novel. However, Timati prefers not to comment on his personal life. The musician has not yet announced anything about his divorce from Rešetovs.

We remind you that Anastastia Resetova and Timati were together for six years. In October last year, the couple had a son. Due to the shoot, the former lovers have decided to keep a warm relationship.

“We were best friends, loved ones, partners. There were many of us, and it was great! This relationship was multifaceted, fulfilled and emotional, but nothing in this life is eternal and everything tends to end. I have changed, so has my view of “I don’t know what will happen next, but now I want to divert all my energy in another direction. I believe that because of my son, we will be able to turn our relationship into an ideal tandem for parents,” said the model some time ago.


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