Timati’s empire fell, or Why did Black Star musicians escape from the label?

Now everyone, apparently, works only for himself.

Recently, Black Star native Slava Slam aired on his Instagram. The musician talked with his fans during a live broadcast on which he composed the song. It is noteworthy that the singer was at home at that moment.

According to the rapper, he himself usually does not write songs or music, people from the label do it for him. Judging by what is happening, the empire of Timati has almost fallen. After all, how else to explain why Black Star musicians escaped from the label?

Of course, during the pandemic of the virus, many went home. However, you can create music remotely. It is worth noting that the appearance of the rapper was, to put it mildly, battered. It seems that he himself does not really like to compose.

Let’s try to figure it out. If the label’s musicians stopped working and released new hits, it means that Timati is in crisis times. Since he opened a lot of different cafes, car washes, salons, where the main income is the flow of customers, if the quarantine and pandemic lasts another month, it can become bankrupt.

Paying rent, salaries to employees – in sum this is a lot of money. And without the right income, a crisis will begin at Black Star. The first to be hit are precisely the musicians – Timati may stop giving them salaries.

Perhaps the artists were afraid of just that, but because they decided to be the first to run away from the label. After all, they have a successful example – Yegor Creed, who, after leaving Timati, became more popular and in demand.


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