Timati is ready to send Dzhigan to the “Bachelor”

The 37-year-old showman joked about his colleagues.

Timati spoke about his new project. Photo: Instagram.com/timatiofficial

Fans of the musician and businessman Timati already waiting for the appearance of the idol on the air of TNT. Not so long ago, the ex-boyfriend of model Anastasia Reshetova announced his participation in the show “Bachelor”. This caused a stir around the personality of the showman. However, Timati is used to hype. At the same time, the artist does not forget about self-irony.

Under the last post, Timati left the following message:

“The time has come to reveal all the cards, Jigu was released instead of me to“ Bachelor ”without any problems, since Bezrukov plays him anyway.”

Prior to this, the Network expressed that the showman did not part with his passion. And Reshetova’s confessions are a competent PR move. Timati only laughs at such statements and further provokes rumors around him.

Also, the reason for Timati’s new statement was the actor’s participation in the “Rolls Roys” video Sergey Bezrukov… Note that in the Stories of his profile, the musician has already managed to boast that a musical mini-film about bandits of the 90s has gained three million views on YouTube. And the musical novelty itself from Timati, Yegor Creed and Dzhigan is leading in almost all music venues in Russia.

Timati with Dzhigan and Yegor Creed
Timati with Dzhigan and Yegor Creed. Photo: Instagram.com/timatiofficial


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