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Sydney: The third Test between India and Australia will be one of the most memorable for Australian cricket team captain Tim Payne. Tim Payne was fined 15 percent of his match fee for misconduct on the ground. Payne was humbled when he argued with on-field umpire Paul Wilson. Tim Payne dropped three catches on the final day of the match. India drew level with Australia.

Payne missed two chances to catch Indian batsman Rishabh off Nathan Lyon. Later, Payne wasted no time in catching Hanuma Vihari. With this, the criticism against the Australia captain has become stronger. Despite wasting catches, Payne was not stingy in sledging the Indians behind the wicket. Criticism arose that Payne did not pay attention to his own game just by talking one by one.

Ian Chappell, former captain of the Australian cricket team, has taken to the stage to criticize Payne. Indian cricketer R. Chappell made it clear that Payne should not have spoken to Ashwin. It was good that Tim Payne was silent. You need to keep quiet and do your own thing. The case of Tim Payne is a good example of this – said Chappell while speaking to a sports media outlet. The responsibility on Payne was difficult. It’s hard to be a wicketkeeper. He is the keeper and captain of the team.

Then you don’t need to talk. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Not just in the case of Tim Payne, but in all new cricketers. They say this is part of the game. But my opinion is not so. Chappell also said the umpire should have intervened when Payne was bothering Ashwin. Ian Chappell said that really Tim Payne is a good captain and he can come back.

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