“Tim Kleindienst: The Most Conspicuous Player in Second Division 2022/2023”

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Goal shots, tackles, passes. Who was the most conspicuous player in the second division in which category? Almost always there: Heidenheim’s Tim Kleindienst. The data analysis for the second division season 2022/2023.

Most goals: Tim Kleindienst (1. FC Heidenheim) – 25

Tim Kleindienst is the player of the season in the second division. He was top scorer with 25 goals. The last one is already legendary: It was the goal for promotion in the 99th minute in Regensburg.

Most duels: Tim Kleindienst – 934

Physique is traditionally a top priority for second division champions 1. FC Heidenheim. Kleindienst exemplifies this like no other and has played the most duels of all second division professionals this season.

Most tackles won: Tim Kleindienst – 433

Kleindienst won almost 46 percent of his direct duels. A decent value for an attacker.

Most passes completed: Leart Paqarada (FC St. Pauli) – 1,972

St. Pauli’s co-captain is not a classic left-back who “just” runs up and down the line. Rather, he is a defensive playmaker. That’s why he was ahead in this category. In front of HSVers Sebastian Schonlau and Miro Muheim.

Most bad passes: Leart Paqarada – 509

If you do a lot, you can also do a lot wrong: That applies a little to Paqarada, who not only played the most successful passes, but also the most bad passes.

Most shots on goal: Robert Glatzel (HSV) – 102

The Hamburg center forward is always good for a goal. But his graduation rate could be better. He has had more shots on target than anyone in League Two that season. He scored 19 times. Kleindienst got exactly 100 shots, but hit 25 times.

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Most shots on goal without a goal: Marlon Ritter (1. FC Kaiserslautern) – 32

Exactly 32 times this season Ritter tried to score. He couldn’t.

Top-Speed: Sirlord Conteh (SC Paderborn) – 36.59 km/h

Fast strikers have had a place at SC Paderborn for years. Conteh was even number one in the league this season – with a top speed of 36.59 km/h.

Most sprints: Jan-Niklas Beste (Heidenheim) – 1,127

Not as fast as Conteh, but tirelessly on the move at high speed: Jan-Niklas Beste, one of the pillars of newly promoted 1. FC Heidenheim.

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Most fouls: Tim Kleindienst – 84

And again small service…

Most fouled: Branimir Hrgota (Greuther Fürth) – 91

Surprisingly, Kleindienst isn’t number one in the league in this category either. Hrgota is clearly ahead.

Glanzparaden: Markus Kolke (Hansa Rostock) – 51

What would Hansa be without its keeper? Maybe even dismounted. But Kolke is not nicknamed “Krake” without reason.

Most goals from aluminum: Jomaine Consbruch (Arminia Bielefeld) – 5

First you have no luck, then there is bad luck. In the case of Consbruch, that means: 5 shots hit the post or crossbar. In second place with 4 goals: Laszlo Benes from HSV.

Most often offside: Prince Owusu (Jahn Regensburg) / Fabian Schleusener (KSC)

The duo shares first place. However, with 13 goals, Schleusener was also quite far ahead in the top scorer list. Owusu get nine goals.

Most turnovers: Tim Kleindienst – 441

And retail service to last.

source of the data: Global Soccer Network

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sport/fussball/daten196_v-thumbnailgross.jpg 128w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-contentgross.jpg 568w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-vierspaltig.jpg 760w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-contentxl.jpg 1067w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-fullhd.jpg 1920w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-einspaltig.jpg 184w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-contentklein.jpg 256w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-anderthalbspaltig.jpg 280w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/daten196_v-zweispaltig.jpg 376w" sizes="1px">Symbol picture football data © Imago / STPP

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