Tim Cook good advice for Nebia shower heads

Finally, Tim Cook is like everyone else: he eats, he sleeps, he gets up at 4 a.m. to raise iron… and he takes showers with his Apple Watch, Of course. Five years ago, the Apple CEO invested some of his personal money in Nebia, a manufacturer of water-efficient shower heads (read: In the shower, Tim Cook reduces his water consumption).

On the launch of a new generation of its product, designer Philip Winter recounts at Bloomberg how he got to Tim Cook to tell him about his invention. In 2014, he convinced several gyms to install a prototype shower head in their showers. And to collect user impressions, he simply waited in the locker rooms of these rooms!

Luckily, in the locker room of Tim Cook’s favorite room, he fell one morning to the CEO, back from a shower fitted with a Nebia shower head. Obviously excited by the product despite its raw foundry appearance of the time, and interested in the aspect on environmental protection, he agreed to support the entrepreneur financially. Tim Cook invests personally in the start-up, for an unknown amount but ” significant According to Winter.

The young shoot raises $ 8 million in total to get started. Despite a busy schedule, Tim Cook takes the time to advise the creator of Nebia, on suppliers for example or on the need to focus on user experience, design, sustainability. The emails from the Apple boss are ” very long, well written and detailed “Describes Winter.

Tim Cook also recommended that he seek investors who believed in the product, rather than investment funds that seek short-term profitability first. Among these investors, we also find Eric Schmidt, former boss of Google. The new version of the knob, developed with the help of the Moen group (another piece of advice from the Apple boss), can be ordered on Kickstarter starting at $ 160. Good news, this generation is compatible with most piping systems in Europe.


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