TikTok will start sharing advertising revenue with the most popular content creators

TikTok announced this Wednesday that it will study implementing the distribution of the ad revenue with the most popular content creatorsthus approaching a model already used by competing platforms.

“We are going to start studying our first revenue sharing program with creators, public figures and press publishers,” said the subsidiary of the Chinese group ByteDance in an official statement.

In the first phase of this program, only accounts with at least 100,000 followers will be eligibleadvanced from this social network, which is determined to “develop monetization solutions so that creators feel valued and rewarded.”

The platform, which with the coronavirus pandemic significantly boosted its popularity, has struggled for a long time to be able to monetize its content, which translates into a belated use of the potential represented by its content. billion monthly usersa threshold that was exceeded last year.

To account for this, according to the specialized Business of Apps site, TikTok generated a turnover of 4.6 billion dollars in 2021, similar to that of Snapchat, which only claims to have just over 300 million active users daily.

The large social networks that offer video, such as YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat, have long since implemented more or less favorable revenue sharing systems, and it is precisely this horizon that TikTok is pursuing, which also confirmed a improvement in its offer to advertisers.

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have long implemented revenue sharing systems with content creators. Reuters Photo

Advertisers can now be sure that their ads are associated with videos that are among the most popular 4 percent of the platform, which represents a Greater viralization of the ads.

This new formula, baptized TikTok Pulse, will likewise guarantee advertisers the association of their advertising messages with verified and adapted content, in order to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The podium of those who billed the most with TikTok in 2021

The seven highest-paid celebrities on the Chinese video platform (known as Douyin in her home country) collectively raked in $55.5 million in 2021, a 100 percent increase from the previous year.

This is established by the ranking of the best paid “tiktokers” of 2021 prepared by Forbes and quoted by the ANSA agency, which reproduces the Télam agency. The podium is made up of three very young women. are the sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelioaged 17 and 20, respectively, followed by Addison Rae21 years old.

The youngest of the D’Amelios, the absolute star of TikTok thanks to the videos of herself dancing that she began uploading in 2019, raised 17.5 million dollars in 2020. With 133 million followers on the platform, she expanded her business to a fashion line and the promotion of all kinds of products.

Charli D'Amelio and her older sister Dixie, also a tiktoker

Charli D’Amelio and her older sister Dixie, also a tiktoker

The expansion of TikTok celebrities is surpassing the salaries of managers with thousands of people in their charge. The median salary for CEOs of S&P 500 companies was $13.4 million in 2020, according to an analysis of MyLogIQ data for The Wall Street Journal.

With information from AFP.


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