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A charming woman is all the rage TikTok after sharing a video where she is seen with the same features and physical features as the famous singer and actress Selena Gomez. The protagonist of this viral has confessed that, in recent weeks, her followers have told her that she has the same features as the interpreter of “Lose you to love me”, so she decided to make a clip to confirm it.

The result has generated excitement in thousands of fans of Selena Gomez, who did not hesitate to affirm that the tiktoker is the ‘double’ of the popular singer and former partner of Justin Bieber.

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Brooke Monk, name of the young American model and influencer, usually shares in TikTok all kinds of videos where he overcomes fun dance challenges and tells some passages of his life with his loved ones.

As can be seen in the video, which has more than 394,000 reproductions in TikTok, the young woman made up as the popular singer and began to imitate one of the most flirtatious poses of Selena Gomez.

With the help of makeup and a hairstyle similar to that of the singer of Latin origin, the young woman managed to look almost the same as Selena Gomez, who gave life to Álex Russo in the series Los Hechiceros de Weberly Place.

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The video that the young influencer shared on TikTok has made thousands of users congratulate her. Some even dared to ask him to do a ‘Duet’ with Selena Gomez in order to demonstrate the great similarity that both have.

The young woman has become very popular in TikTok, where he currently has a legion of more than 8.5 million followers. If you want to be part of their community, you only have to enter this link and see his official profile, in which he shares all his occurrences.

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Peruana becomes famous on TikTok for its great resemblance to Bad Bunny in “Yo perreo sola”

A video shared on TikTok and other networks has caused a sensation in the networks during the last hours, showing the amazing physical similarity of a young Peruvian with the female version of Bad Bunny, as seen in the video clip for the song “I Perreo Alone”. The particular similarity between the two became a trend on social networks.

The author of the viral video said that, in recent weeks, thousands of users of TikTok They have told him about his great resemblance to the popular ‘Bad Rabbit’, so he decided to make a video to show if he really looked like him.

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Young woman applies a lot of makeup to become ‘Sailor Moon’ and thousands admire her

You do not want to miss it. Through the popular platform Facebook A new viral video was unveiled that has thrilled thousands of anime fans on social media. The images show the incredible transformation a young woman underwent to look like the emblematic Sailor Moon character, created by Naoko Takeuchi.

Hundreds of netizens were speechless with the video and shared it on multiple occasions, managing to add almost a million views in just 5 days. Likewise, the audiovisual material exceeds 5000 likes. Facebook, so it is now trending in countries like the United States, Mexico and Japan.

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Aeromoza removes makeup from her face and has a radical change of look

Through TikTok a video that has become viral and has impacted thousands of Internet users, because it reveals the exact moment when a beautiful aeromoza he takes off all the makeup on his face to show what he really looks like. The woman had an incredible transformation that very little was expected, so the images became a trend quickly on various social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

The popularity of TikTok It has been increasing in recent months, since not only young people use this application, but also adults and seniors. The videos published on this platform become so popular that they reach other social networks like Facebook and YouTube, where they get thousands of views.

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Young woman with rosacea undergoes a radical change in appearance after applying a large amount of makeup to her face

You can’t believe it. Through the popular platform YouTube, a new viral video was released that has excited hundreds of makeup lovers. The images show the radical transformation that a young woman with rosacea underwent after completing a complicated makeup tutorial, which she shared on her social networks. The clip became a trend in Mexico, the United States, Spain, among other countries. Did you already see it? Here you can find it.

This is not the first time that YouTube a video about a change of look goes viral. The woman who appears in the filming finished with a new look thanks to a beauty professional.

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