Tiktok trend: who is Rodger Ceye?

Rodger Ceye is everywhere on Tiktok, his song covers inspire users. But how does a man in his fifties become a trend, and what are the changes?

He recently dominated a number of pages for you: a middle-aged man who performs covers of famous songs. Sometimes he sings alone, sometimes he also plays the guitar in short recordings. So far, so ordinary, so why does Rodger Ceye already have 1.9 million followers and nearly 50 million likes in his clips?

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Unusual Tiktok star

Rodger Ceye is 56 years old and therefore not Tiktok’s target group. The fact that he still covers songs on the platform makes him special. He also became known to a young target group through his choice of songs. Rodger also examines the titles of young artists who deal with problems unknown to older people or men in general. This discrepancy between him as a person and the songs, plus Rodger’s young vocabulary and facial expressions as he sings, gave him scope.

There are now numerous fan changes with Rodgers videos. It is often cut out and placed in an environment suitable for the song being sung. For Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar”, for example, he was given a melancholy background and accessories that are more likely to be associated with young women. “He’s a queen” or “Mood” comments users with approval under Rodgers videos and edits.

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Rodger Ceye’s path to music

Music has always accompanied Rodger Ceye. “28 years ago I was a frustrated 28 year old” said is. “I tried to understand the world around me.” He wrote his feelings about him, helped by the guitar that his mother gave him when he was 27 years old. “I was producing on a synthesizer from the 80s,” Rodger says of his early days. What seemed like therapy ended up staying on a hard drive for several decades. With Tiktok, the Lake Forest California electrical engineer has finally found a platform on which to share his passion for music. In addition to the covers of him, he continues to upload his songs. He also receives encouragement from the community for this.

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@rodgercleye #you caught me watching #rodgercley #Ceye ♬ You caught me watching – Rodger Ceye

So far, Rodger Ceye has uploaded over a thousand funny videos, covering old and new songs alike. He wants to continue and gladly accepts requests for songs.

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