TikTok Sindir Reels on Twitter


After the CEO TikTok Kevin Mayer criticized Facebook as a copyist, now TikTok quips Reels, a new feature released by Instagram.

Through the Twitter account @tiktok_us, a subsidiary of ByteDance quipped @instagram chirping showing Reels, their new feature similar to TikTok, which is a feature to make interesting short videos.

“Introducing a new way to create and search for short videos that are entertaining on Instagram,” roughly tweeted Instagram when introducing this new feature.

The tweet was quoted by @tiktok_us and they mentioned that the feature looked familiar or similar.

Twitter TikTok it got a lot of replies, and some even quipped TikTok. But many also support the insinuation of TikTok to Instagram.

There is also a mention of Vine, Twitter’s short video service that has now been turned off. One of them is @mistachrish, which says that Vine should have been singing like this when Instagram presented the video feature.

Then there is @loridelap, which supports the tweet and added that Snapchat should have tweeted like that when Instagram presented the Stories feature.

While @chamesjambers quipped the TikTok tweet, and asked if Instagram would copy everything on the user’s clipboard and hand it over to the Chinese government.

Previously, CEO TikTok Kevin Mayer was all-out criticizing Facebook through the blog he wrote. He even called Facebook a fake craftsman because he developed two services similar to TikTok.

“For those who want to launch a rival product, we invite,” Mayer wrote in his blog post.

“Facebook even launched another imitation product, Reels (related to Instagram), after their other replica Lasso failed miserably,” he continued.

Watch VideoGosh! TikTok Sindir Instagram’s New Feature
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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