TikTok receives GDPR fine of 750,000 euros for English privacy statement – IT Pro – News

It’s more of a gesture to show “we did something”

It is even less than doing nothing, given the gigantic privacy violations that TikTok commits on its users. I’m not sure if “privacy violation” really covers the charge here, given that ByteDance is 100% under the control of the CCP and it’s literally malware and spyware (it fits any definition of either). In fact, it sends the message even earlier that TikTok is not doing anything wrong apart from not translating their user agreement into Dutch.

Pretty sad that the only body that should and can protect NL users and especially children against their own stupidity and shortsightedness, apparently has better things to do. On the one hand, you can say that people who are stupid enough to use TikTok really don’t give a fuck about their future and independence, but I see that really differently considering the target group of TikTok was and is literally children, who don’t know any better yet.

For the record; people who install TikTok have nothing more to say about their lives, they are severely censored if they dare to talk about sensitive topics (so they will quickly unlearn that) and ALL THEIR MOVEMENTS, CALLS, CONTACTS, MESSAGES, DATA are then eaten away by the CCP, the early TikTok app even had root access. It has also been shown several times that TikTok records everything in the background, even if your app “only runs in the background” (so always on phones). That is ILLEGAL like the plague, and the fact that FB and such companies cross that line is not a license for a hostile totalitarian regime to do the same, especially given that the CCP is a genocidal regime that does not only target populations within China. extermination, but more recently also simply wages biological warfare against the entire world, with the (ultimate) goal of exterminating everything and everyone that is not Han Chinese.

Please folks, don’t use TikTok, and educate all your friends who might do so with some common sense. It is never too late to reset your phone after backup of all your contacts, photos etc., change all your critical logins & passwords, transfer your Bitcoin/crypto to new wallets where TikTok no longer has the private keys and keep it up.

TikTok has only one function: to help the CCP wipe out and conquer the world with brute force and brutality. If the original founders ever had a different goal in mind, that quickly disappeared from the motivations of the CCP when they installed their “Beijing Bytedance CCP committee” as the de facto management of ByteDance. 130 agents of the CCP run the entire company and have ultimate control over every decision. TikTok is nothing less than a weapon:

TikTok’s Owner Employs Many Chinese Communist Party Members At Management Positions, Internal Document Reveals


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