TikTok invites fans to meet online with “Kim Sun Ho” from Start-Up series.

Thai fans have a health! TikTok invites you to get closer to the screen with actor Kim Sun Ho, star of the hit series Start-Up. inFan meeting activity online on January 17th

TikTok, a short video platform and SALT Entertainment. The actor, which is home to the hottest young actor Kim Seon Ho from the hit series Start-Up, will be holding the first fan meeting on TikTok that has created a phenomenal direct entertainment from all over the world. To be closely followed, sticking to the stage in the event “TikTok Stage Connect – Seonho’s Favorite” that will take place on Sunday, January 17 at 6:00 pm (Thailand time), which will be broadcast live in Korean via the app. @Seonho__kim’s TikTok account and live broadcast in English through the account. @tiktok_stage

Fans of “Han Ji Pyeong” (Start-Up actor’s name) will meet and get up close with Kim Seon Ho in real time at the grand first fan meeting. Through “TikTok Stage Connect – Seonho’s Favorite” on the TikTok platform on January 17th, in this fan meeting, “Kim Seon Ho” will meet and chat with fans around the world in real time. close Including discussing and telling behind-the-scenes stories of the hit series Start-Up, which aired on tvN that ended on Air at the end of last year. And it is very popular in many countries including Thailand.

There are also various activities. On TikTok’s event page (https://bit.ly/35tesJm), fans can join in by sending a message they want to hear from Kim Seon Ho and upload a video with him. Such activities will take place simultaneously in many countries. With fans from each country participating in the event, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines and Korea, which is a testament to the global popularity of actress Kim Sun Ho.

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Surayot Eamla-or, Head of Marketing – TikTok, said that as a short video platform with a mission to inspire and bring happiness to people. We hope to provide this opportunity to Kim Sun Ho’s fans around the world. Through our platform, it will enhance the user experience, stay connected closely with your favorite artists and performers. Kim Seon Ho is one of the most popular actors around the world and is famous for the start-up series.

Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment revealed, “Thank you sincerely for the interest and support given to the fans. Given to Kim Sun Ho in the past year 2020, which organized online fan meeting this time It is a good opportunity for Kim Seon Ho to repay and thank all the warm support from fans around the world. Amid the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 that made it impossible to meet. By the fan meeting online this time, Kim Sun Ho prepared fully to meet everyone. ”

The first big fan meeting of “Kim Seon Ho” in “TikTok Stage Connect – Seonho’s Favorite” will be held on January 17th at 6:00 PM (Thai time), which will be broadcast live in Korean. Via Kim Sun Ho’s TikTok account @seonho__kim and broadcast live in English via the account. @tiktok_stage

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