Tijuana City Council recognizes Municipal Musical Band for its artistic career

Tijuana City Council recognizes Municipal Musical Band for its artistic career

This Monday, during an event held at the Mutualist Theater, the Tijuana City Council recognized members that make up the Municipal Musical Band in celebration of its anniversary after completing 40 years of artistic career since its founding on March 21, 1981.
The founding director of the musical band, Francisco Javier García Sandoval, assured that, since its inception, it was recognized by the former president of the Republic, Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado, for being present at civic and social events; for being in tune with the scores of the composer of the Mexican National Anthem, Jaime Nunó, demonstrating the development of skills and talent, as well as strengthening musical values ​​in different generations.

Some of its founding members were distinguished for being part of the group for 40 years such as: José Antonio Echeverría, Cruz Armando Perales, Ernesto Lizárraga Osuna, Joaquín Ríos Gómez, Manuel Santiago Matus, Felipe Vázquez Muñoz and post-mortem recognition to José Eduardo Gil Renteria.
Likewise, the Municipal Government granted recognitions for 20 and 30 years of experience to musicians and for their participation in civic events, social and cultural events. During the tribute, the Tijuana City Council Musical Band performed melodies such as Fina Estampa, classic boleros from the Cine de Oro and some famous melodies for being part of the soundtracks of recognized films and some television programs.
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