Tihange 2 fails again at start-up

Nuclear reactor Tihange 2 will again not supply electricity on Saturday, a few hours after the plant was restarted. A new technical defect has surfaced.

Tihange 2 – good for 1,008 MW – fell Wednesday afternoon for the first time. The reason turned out to be a technical problem in the non-nuclear part of the reactor. A valve in a water supply line closed automatically during a test, causing the reactor to shut itself down.

The plant was connected to the grid on Thursday evening, and the power was gradually increased. However, the steam turbine came to a standstill at 11.30 p.m., a spokeswoman for operator Engie confirmed on Friday.

The plant was restarted on Saturday, but shortly afterwards it shut down again. Too low a water level was detected in one of the steam generators in the non-nuclear section. Engie plans to reconnect the power plant to the power grid later on Saturday.

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