Tigran Salibekov arranged a showdown with Ivan Sintsov over a girl

After treatment from the project of Alina Jordan, her boyfriend Ivan Sintsov tried to keep in touch with the former member of House 2. They corresponded, communicated warmly, because there were still feelings, but when Vanya needed support and was afraid to leave the project to the vote, Alina told him that she was leaving for Samara and that she would not leave him the keys to her rented apartment. Sintsov realized that he had to look for another way out of the situation and started flirting with Tatyana Afanasova, who is in a relationship with Salibekov. Vanya wants to stay in the project in every way. How about Tigran?

For the whole of next week, Salibekov will be broadcast on the air, taking care of Tatyana Afanasova, who I couldn’t decide, what kind of guy she should be with on a reality show. Because of the girl, Tigran Salibekov arranged a showdown with Sintsov and almost got into a fight after a party organized by Aleksey Bezus yesterday in Polyana.

A party during the plague – this party in an empty room and the lights out in the Polyana, the last weird shots of the TV going to the bottom, that the audience loved so much, even on the TNT channel, also on the Yu channel. Salibekov is trying to stay afloat, but he has little chance of staying on the reality show if he wants to have a baby father of many children, with whom the sons do not want to communicate?

Will a new project on family values ​​and children be born on the ruins of a project on love?

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