“Tidal House Party: Share Good Music in Real Time with Tidal Live featuring Rubens”

A good house party is when he plays good music. You can play, sing and dance to your favorite tunes. You listen to what you want. Together with your friends, you choose the best songs to listen to together at a party. That’s how it was on Domówce TIDAL. During the event, the function that went to the music application in April this year was checked.

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Thanks to the function TIDAL Live subscribers TIDAL HiFi i HiFi Plus they can share music with each other in real time, starting a session with others by clicking a special button. You can also join sessions created by TIDAL experts in a wide variety of music genres. In order to familiarize users with the new option, the music service organized a House Party, where they took place two live sessions.

Live z Rubensem

The first was that the guests themselves chose the songs for the Live sessions that they wanted to play with. the other is Live Rubensawhich for his debut album “Songs Nobody Wanted” received this year 6 nominations for the Fryderyk awards. The artist played live sessions with songs selected by him especially for the TIDAL House Party.


Rubens, apart from his solo career, simultaneously works with the greatest artists in Poland as a guitarist and songwriter. He is the co-author of, among others, the song “Złoto” by Mróz. Rubens’ greatest hit “Everything’s fine?”took the biggest radio stations by storm, and a few months ago gained the status Golden Record.

The songs I have chosen are an overview of what I like in music and what I listen to privately. At all kinds of events, I am always the first to play music, so I accepted the invitation from TIDAL to the House Party with wild pleasure. I was finally able to play music without snatching my phone from other guests.

Rubens said

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During LIVE, Rubens played m. „Flashing Lights” Kanyego Westa, „Robot Rock” Datf Punk i „Cracker Island” Gorillaz.

Other TIDAL subscribers got to feel like they were at a party too. The Live Session with songs chosen by the guests and by Rubens was available to them live during the entire House Party. They could join the session thanks to a special link and listen to exactly the same as the guests of the House Party, being in a completely different place.

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