Tibor Pleiss’ height surprises President Erdogan

Returning from Europe with a trophy, Anadolu Efes star player Tibor Pleiss received his gift from President Erdoğan. Meanwhile, the height difference between the two coming side by side turned into a sincere conversation.

Our representative Anadolu Efes beat Spanish team Real Madrid in EuroLeague; Reached the second championship in a row.

The great success overwhelmed Turkey with joy.

Intimate conversation in the Kulliye

Anadolu Efes management, technical staff and players visited President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by winning both cups.

After the friendly conversation, it was time for the gifts.

He gave a watch to each of them.

A signed jersey and basketball ball were presented to President Erdoğan, and watches were presented to the stars of Anadolu Efes.

First, President Erdoğan, who took pictures with the president and technical management, gave gift watches to the athletes one by one.

Surprised at Tibor Pleiss’ stature, he remained

During this presentation, Anadolu Efes star Tibor Pleiss came to President Erdoğan to receive his gift.

Pleiss stunned President Erdoğan with its length of 2 meters and 22 centimeters.

The surprise of President Erdogan, who is the fourth tallest leader in the world with his height of 1.87, was reflected in the cameras.

Anadolu Efes star Tibor Pleiss’ height surprised President Erdoğan VIDEO

The height of Tibor Pleiss surprised President Erdoğan #2

Tibor Pleiss' height surprised President Erdogan #3

Tibor Pleiss' height surprised President Erdogan #4

Tibor Pleiss' height surprised President Erdogan #5

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