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Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos.

GridPop.ID -After sitting in the chair of the council, Krisdayanti’s life was never out of the public spotlight.

Moreover, not long ago, Krisdayanti was caught in trouble with her two biological children from a previous marriage to Anang Hermansyah.

Raul Lemos’s wife apparently had a conflict with Aurel and Azriel Hermansyah, who some time ago stuck out on social media.

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Reported Grid.ID, still stuck in memory, this incident began with Aurel’s protest to Krisdayanti, who rarely responded to WhatsApp messages from him.

Instead of abating, the conflict actually heated up to drag the husband of the singer, Raul Lemos.

War against each other on social media was inevitable when Raul Lemos quipped the eldest daughter of the musician Anang Hermansyah.

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While Azriel, who witnessed his brother’s demeaning, immediately responded by opening the ulcer from the East Timorese businessman.

Tired of herself and her husband being constantly targeted by netizens, Krisdayanti then opened her voice in a vlog on YouTube Deddy Corbuzier on June 11, 2020.

Unfortunately, rather than favoring her own child, the KD singer instead defends her husband’s death.

The reason, he compared Raul Lemos with his ex-wife in East Timor, Sechah Sagran is closely interwoven which until now.

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This seems to be the opposite of the relationship between Krisdayanti and Anang Hermansyah’s family who are like enemies in a blanket.

Krisdayanti may have set up a body to defend Raul Lemos, but Tarot Jeng Nimas has recently revealed unpleasant predictions about the couple’s household.

Through Jeng Nimas’s YouTube YouTube channel on June 20, 2020, he firmly warned the singer’s household that Raul Lemos would face an ordeal.

“There is a symbol of good news about the harmony of their households.

But there is a symbol of a soldier carrying a sharp instrument.

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That is, the condition of their household is someone there are some people or the public who do not like their household, “Jeng Nimas thought through the number of Tarot cards he chose.

photo photo--main">
Mistress Nimas's predictions of the fate of the household of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos

YouTube Jeng Nimas

Mistress Nimas’s predictions of the fate of the household of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos

Not quite up there, Jeng Nimas again sent a warning that is not less astonishing.

How not, the Tarot expert predicted that the marriage of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos could experience setbacks and slumps.

“However, here there is a spiritual symbol, where both parties must introspect themselves to get a happy, prosperous family symbolized by this palace.

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So, in the future Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos must be careful in the future.

Even though the condition is fine now, it is predicted that there will be an obstacle in the household later.

It was a great fight, “he continued.

photo photo--main">
Mistress Nimas's predictions of the fate of the household of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos

YouTube Jeng Nimas

Mistress Nimas’s predictions of the fate of the household of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos

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No doubt, Jeng Nimas can only advise that Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos always be aware of the condition of their household dipper.

“So you have to be vigilant from now on,” concluded Jeng Nimas closing his forecast.


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