“Through the thorns to …” participant fails in a job interview – Show business

If other project participants come to the jury for an impromptu job interview full of embarrassment, then 22-year-old Ināra, who has come to the project to learn to say “no” to parties and bad habits and will be a good mother to her little son, will be in a completely different mood. Sherpa and the self-confident lady, before the interview starts, will boldly say that she is the best, but – oh or – she will fail in front of the experts with a big bang.

Ināra will claim that she has graduated from the University of Latvia and has come to apply for a job as a social pedagogue. However, she will be asked by Liene Stepena’s question whether the young lady knows what the rector of the university is called.

“Who is this racketeer, racketeer or what is his name? I don’t know that word at all! What are they asking me? What a difference – I’ll tell you where I studied – well, look at it yourself! Vot, that’s how the interview attracted me, ”after talking to the experts, Ināra will literally boil over her emotions.


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