Thrilling Cthulhu Mythos World Adventure “Sherlock Holmes: Awakening” remake is released – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

IGN today released the latest live-action film in the remake of “Sherlock Holmes: Awakening”, which takes you to the legendary world of Cthulhu mythology, where Lovecraft and Sherlock Holmes have staged a wonderful encounter with the collision. A series of mysterious disappearances under investigation indicate a pagan organization that believes in ancient gods. Whatever their intentions, you must stop them … or you will be met with unbearable consequences.

The remake is back, with more modern graphics and gameplay that will allow you to embark on an intense and exciting Lovecraft adventure. As Sherlock Holmes, you find yourself at the center of the terrifying mythology of Cthulhu as you investigate a series of mysterious disappearances in Europe and America.

key content

  • Get a taste of Lovecraft’s fantasy-style Cthulhu mythology. He experiences the horror and weirdness beyond the human world.

  • Face the riddles that break common sense and keep your sanity as you try to find the answer.

  • Follow the clues to Baker Street in London, a psychiatric hospital in Switzerland and the dangerous wetlands of Louisiana.

  • 2008 Remake: The Awakened was remade using the Unreal Engine, with better graphics, a more complete storyline, rich side missions and a unique new gameplay that will bring a different experience.

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