Thrill in Times Square with the Wheel of Fortune

For Michael, his path to work changed suddenly. He saw something totally unimaginable, and he had to tell someone about it:

– “Look how beautiful when you come here with the family, look”, he tells his relatives on the other side of the phone.

And it is that he has spent 20 years passing every day on this street, he has seen everything. But this is definitely the first time you’ve seen a Wheel of Fortune in Times Square.

– ”I felt like a child again. I’ve seen something like this at Disney in Vegas but here I haven’t seen anything like that, I think the city has already started ”, he adds.

And if this new attraction definitely brings smiles to all its visitors, especially the little ones who experience that strange sensation of spinning in the air in the middle of the busiest and most illuminated areas of the world.

– “Ahhh! OMG !! Faces of amazement and joy climbing on the wheel of fortune ”

Once inside the cabin, the view of Times Square is spectacular from north to south.

– “We are almost going very high as if we were in a rocket,” said one of the children who had the privilege of enjoying the experience.

“Well and it is really surprising to come to this wheel of fortune first than when you come and do not expect it because it is something that drastically changes the panorama we are used to between 47th and 48th streets in Times Square then it is only to buy the 15 wand dollars for children 20 dollars for adults and have this experience so exciting and so beautiful that it will last a few days “

Regina Forjas, of Time Square Alliance indicates:

– “The wheel is open from August 25 to September 12 every day it will be open from 12 pm to midnight”

Adults and especially many locals have been very attracted to this innovative wheel in the heart of Times Square

‘”He has returned to live in NYC”, continues this passer-by.

– “IT’S NEW YORK, ISN’T IT? Here there is always something that is different ”, comments another person when interviewed.

Obtaining the tickets is very easy, you can buy them directly before entering. Or reserve them online at “”.



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