Three years in prison demanded against former police team chief for rape colleague

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The Public Prosecution Service has demanded a three-year prison sentence against a former team chief of the Haarlemmermeer police. He is suspected of raping a female colleague, a 39-year-old senior officer at the time.

According to the judiciary, the abuse happened in 2019, after working hours. Paulo de CN let the chief officer drive him to the train station in Hoofddorp, where, according to the Public Prosecution Service, he kissed her against her will. He then let her drive to a remote place, where he raped her, according to justice.

The 54-year-old De CN denies having sex with his colleague that night; according to him, the chief officer wanted to have sex with him. But according to the Public Prosecution Service, there is various evidence for his guilt, such as statements from colleagues and a confidant.

This would show, among other things, “an obsessive interest of the suspect in the victim”. In addition, a screenshot of a WhatsApp message has been found, which shows that the suspect made “sexual innuendos” to the victim.

The OM calls the suspicions very serious. “The fact that he was a police team chief and the victim was a subordinate, is extra heavily charged to him.”

Chief Agent has been fired

The victim was fired after she reported the abuse to NRC. She let the newspaper read WhatsApp messages in which her then manager suggested sex.

Nevertheless, the court in The Hague ruled against her in 2021. According to the judge, she should not have gone to the press because she already spoke to a confidential adviser internally. The verdict states that “by sharing confidential police information” the image of the organization has been seriously damaged.

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