Three-way battle for Dynamo Dresden’s place in goal

Dynamo Dresden must gain defensive stability in the coming weeks. Coach Markus Anfang’s main task will be to finally create clarity in the goalkeeper’s position.

Positioned: Niklas Heeger.

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Dresden started the season with Stefan Drljaca. The 23-year-old was in goal in 13 league games but he never managed to exude the calm he really needed. “We have to live the idea of ​​performance in this position too,” said Beginning and named deputy Sven Müller (26) number 1 for four games.

Even under Müller, the rear squad did not stabilize. The problem: both goalkeepers are solid, but not exceptional. In preparation, there is now a three-way battle with Niklas Heeger (22). “Niklas was a bit behind in the beginning because he only joined later,” Anfang explained. “But he’s gotten better and better in the last few months.”

Under competitive conditions, the current number 3 has so far only been used in the Sachsenpokal against the Oberliga Plauen (7:3). This could now change in the four friendlies before the start of the championship.

Four friendlies are scheduled

As part of the training camp, which will take place in Belek, Turkey from December 12 to 21, SGD will play two preparatory matches. While the opponent for the match scheduled for December 15 has not yet been determined, Dynamo will meet Serie A club Sampdoria Genoa on December 19. The first test match of 2023 will take place on 4 January against league rivals FSV Zwickau, before the dress rehearsal against Czech first division side FK Jablonec is scheduled for 8 January.

The Giallorossi welcome SV Meppen at the start of the competitive match on Sunday 15 January at the Rudolf Harbig stadium.

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