Three US MPs addicted to COVID after ‘Cheering Trump’ mob invades Congress

SchoolnewsForeign reports that At least three members of the U.S. House of Representatives are infected.COVID-19 after hiding in the same room as the Republican House of Representatives who refused to wear a mask. During the event of the presidential supporter groupDonald Trump Trespassing into the US Congress Last week

“After a few hoursTrumpIncite to invade our parliament Many Republicans also refused to comply with defense recommendations.COVID-19 And refused to wear a mask in a crowded room During the time of the pandemic Resulting in a wide-spread infection In addition to the terrorist attacks in the country, ”said Pramila Jayapul, MP from Washington. Write in her personal twitter

On Tuesday, Brad Schneider, MP from Illinois Stated that he was infectedCOVID-19 After hiding in the same room as many MPs who refused to wear masks, despite other MPs asking them to wear masks, he also published a video of the incident inside the shelter. Also, there’s Bonnie Coleman, a MP from New Jersey. Infected with COVID-19 From this incident as well

Being together in a crowded room During the invasion of Congress, physicist Dr. Brian Monaghan, Other council members are urged to be tested for COVID-19, stating that at least one MP is infected with COVID-19. Attended the meeting with more than 100 MPs and other members.

The three MPs are currently in detention. By Coleman who received the COVID-19 vaccine. The first dose had already indicated that she was mild. It is similar to the common cold. As Schneider said He had no symptoms at all.


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