Three People Arrested with Beef and Alligator in Rural Alvear

n In the rural area of ​​Alvear, three people were delayed with beef and an alligator slaughtered in a procedure of the Special Unit for Rural and Ecological Security of that town.

It was in Paraje Cuay Chico, where they intervened after being alerted by a neighbor about the presence of unknown persons. Upon arrival, the patrolman observed two people, an older and a younger, on National Route 14, with bags with cuts of bovine meat and parts of a reptile animal – alligator – of which they could not justify their origin.

Following the investigative line, in the vicinity of the place, two other people of legal age were delayed who were traveling aboard a Chevrolet brand motor vehicle.

Inside the vehicle a machete was observed; a knife and steel, which apparently would be related to an act of clandestine work.

The procedure culminated in the preventive seizure of bovine animal cuts, the alligator, and a motor vehicle, among other elements. The delayed and the kidnapped were made available to the Fiscal Unit on duty.


2023-06-09 03:39:00
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