Three months after the visit of the Minister of Health to the hospital in Trévenans, the unions are waiting

With Back to info, the editorial staff of France Bleu Belfort Montbéliard looks back on a statement or an announcement that has marked the news of recent months, and checks whether it has been followed up. Return this Friday on the passage in October 2020 of Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, at the Trévenans hospital.

On October 9, 2020, Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, went to the Nord Franche-Comté hospital to take stock of the Health Segur. He then reaffirmed the government’s desire to increase staff salaries as part of the Ségur plan.

A promise kept, that of increasing wages …

The nurses were still waiting for the first effects of the Ségur de la Santé on their payslip, with the revaluation of 183 euros net per month. . It’s done, greet the CFDT union or even the CNI, the National Coordination of Nurses: “the famous 183 euros per month have been received“. On the other hand, the contractualization of overtime has not yet taken place, what is about to see the light of day is the revaluation of the salary scales of nurses since the negotiations have been successful” specifies Mélanie Meier, CFDT representative of the site hospital of Trévenans.

… But that is still not enough for employee representatives

We can’t really talk about skills recognition. We stay waiting at a time when we are in _real difficulty of attractiveness_, we have vacant positions at the Nord Franche Comté hospital the announcements are not really followed up, in any case they do not meet expectations“estimates Nathalie Depoire, of the National Nursing Coordination at Trévenans Hospital.

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For the nurse, the commitments were “partially achieved, and in the current context this is not acceptable. So certainly, these are increases anyway because there has been money, _we can’t say it’s nothing_. But compared to what had not been put in the world of health, there is such a gap that the delay is not closed. And that’s a problem when looking for staff

A war of attractiveness?

What we learned from the minister’s visit is that he was proud of the hospital staff, that it was a magnificent establishment, but since the passage of Olivier Véran, we have started the second wave with less staff, _exhausted agents_. Fine words are good, but what are we doing to attract young professionals to the hospital? We can see that they don’t stay there long“adds Mélanie Meier, CFDT representative.

Observation shared by Nathalie Depoire, nurse and representative within the National Coordination of Nurses, who even speaks of “war of attractiveness with all the other establishments, private or even in Switzerland. They can make offers higher than the salary grid that we find in the public. And it will become a real problem to have the workforce and meet the needs“.

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