three men arrested after rape of a woman

Three men were arrested on Saturday morning on the island of Nantes. Two of them are suspected of beating and raping a woman.

The warning was given by the residents. Three men were arrested early Saturday morning in Nantes. Two of them are suspected of beating and raping a woman, learned from a police source confirming information from Western France.

The events took place in the district of Machines, on the island of Nantes, around 5 in the morning. A 40-year-old woman, who was walking towards a friend’s house, said she was attacked by two people before they attempted and then managed to rape her, Renaud Gaudeul, Nantes prosecutor, reported Monday during. a press conference.

“The scene took place in two stages and lasted at least five minutes,” he explained, before pointing out that the acts of rape were committed “with particular violence.

A local resident, alerted by the victim’s cries, immediately alerted the police. The 40-year-old then returned home. After being hospitalized, she was discharged with a 10-day ITT. She showed signs of violence all over her body.

Postponed this Monday

Arriving at the scene, the police arrested three suspects, heavily alcoholic. A complicated operation. The three suspects were not left to do, a police officer was injured in the head after being hit with a stone by one of them, which had to be checked with a taser. The policeman’s condition required stitches.

Of the three men, of Sudanese nationality and in a regular situation in France, one, aged 27, was so because “he was part of the group when the police intervened, but in the” current state of the elements there is nothing to indicate that he directly or indirectly participated in the acts of rape “, underlined the public prosecutor of Nantes.

The other two, 27 and 17, felt, after recovering from the hangover, that they were heavily alcoholic. The younger claims that the other committed the acts of rape and that he would try to dissuade him. The major disputes all the facts. Their statements appear “contradictory” on the one hand with the first elements available to the police, deriving from the exploitation of video surveillance images, and on the other with the report given by the victim from which it is clear that the two authors have committed an attack, emphasized Renaud Gaudeul.

Placed in police custody, the two suspects were brought to the Nantes prosecutor’s office on Monday morning. A judicial investigation was opened by the prosecution on the accusation of rape aggravated by two circumstances, in a meeting and in a state of evident intoxication. They face a 20-year prison sentence. The arrest was requested by the prosecution.

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