Three media of Peevski have protected Bulgaria from behind the scenes, according to MRF | News from Bulgaria and the World

There has been a very massive attack on Mr Peevski in recent years and it comes mainly from the Capital circle and its media. Because over the years, Mr. Peevski has exposed the backstage of this circle. The backstage in Bulgaria is huge and Mr. Peevski – with his three media – hindered of Prokopiev to realize his economic interest, which is going through political realization, the MEP from MRF / “Renew Europe” Ilhan Kyuchyuk told bTV.

According to him, the Magnitsky sanctions are a foreign policy instrument and were imposed on the former MRF MP without serious grounds:

“Prokopiev uses his influence, the backstage in Bulgaria is huge. The attack is against Peevski, because he exposes the circle Capital“.

According to Kyuchyuk, the Capital circle is a concentration of media and non-governmental organizations that help each other:

“This circle may not have representatives in the National Assembly, but notice – each government has its ministers, and these are the words of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, not mine. He himself said that in his first government there were 6 names, related to Prokopiev. “

The MEP is adamant that the MRF would protect each of their members or supporters if he finds himself in a situation like that of Delyan Peevski:

“This is a principled position of the MRF. We do not lose our trust simply because someone wants us to remove him, or because he says he is wrong. We want evidence and grounds. I do not want to become Mr. Peevski’s lawyer, but he declared everything he was required to declare by law ”

Ilhan Kyuchyuk confirmed that in all likelihood the MRF will have its own presidential candidate, whose name will be known in the coming days. He criticized Rumen Radev, saying the current president had failed in his effort to unite the nation.

Küçük believes it was a mistake to place the joint historical commission at the forefront as an “inevitable stone” on which Bulgaria’s approval of northern Macedonia’s European integration depends.

“Fake news hinders relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia the most. We have lost the idea of ​​a common future. We need Bulgarian media to work on the territory of Macedonia, as well as their media to come here,” he added.



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