Three Kingdoms Strategy Mobile Game “Breaking the Enemy: Romance of the Three Kingdoms” pre-registered and running artist “Wang Yangming” handsome endorsement-Technology-Technology

The fast-paced and fair sandbox strategy SLG mobile game “Breaking the Enemy: Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, represented by the digital agency, will open pre-login and dual-platform pre-registration activities, and simultaneously invite the artist “Wang Yangming” as the spokesperson of the game, which will become an in-game legend The counselor “Guo Jia”, together with the players, conspire to break the enemy and dominate the Three Kingdoms!

The real battlefield is no longer a matter of fact!

“Breaking the Enemy: Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is an SLG mobile phone game that truly restores the orthodox strategy of the battle of the Three Kingdoms period. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the group of heroes separatist, and the situation changed rapidly. Players will compete with players from Japan and South Korea, display their tactics, fight horizontally and horizontally, break through the formation and kill the enemy, and compete! There is also a special arms countermeasure system in the game, which tests the player’s strategic ability and makes the formation of troops more brain-burning and interesting! Only with unity and resourcefulness can we disregard the heroes and conquer the world!

The real battlefield is no longer a matter of fact!
The real battlefield is no longer a matter of fact!
The real battlefield is no longer a matter of fact!

Log in beforehand and start running immediately. Multiple gifts are waiting for you

Ten thousand hegemony rewards
Ten thousand hegemony rewards
Invite friends to win prizes
Invite friends to win prizes

The pre-registration event of “Breaking the Enemy: Three Kingdoms” starts today. Players who participate in the event can get the 5-star general “Diao Chan”. If the number of people reaches the specified number, they can also unlock the “God General Recruitment Voucher”, massive construction materials and other tens of thousands reward. In addition, as long as you successfully invite your friends to participate in the scheduled event, you will also have the chance to draw a lottery to win super-value rewards. Random gods, golden baht, gods and spirits, etc., hurry up and invite your friends to join the Three Kingdoms battlefield!



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