Three days after the death of Hana Krampolová († 59): Shocking autopsy result!

Why Hance was no longer helping when she collapsed on Monday night, Aha! and Krampol’s manager and photographer Miloš Schmiedberger (72). “In pathology, Jiří learned that the cause of death was a general failure of the organism. One organ after another gradually left Hanička, “said Schmiedberger.

Krampolová has long struggled with health problems that have arisen due to long-term alcohol consumption, which she unfortunately still combined with pills. “Authorities often cannot withstand such a long-term burden. These are deadly cocktails. Organs begin to fail, and when two important life organs fail at once, death comes, ”said Aha! internist from Na Vinohrady Hospital.

Krampol a month ago in Blesk: They were hoping for a happy ending!

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The results of the autopsy from the Institute of Pathology of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague surprised the Krampol in particular. He was rock-convinced, as were the rescuers, that his wife’s ulcer had ruptured. “She felt sick. She ate two pieces of lean meat with effort. Suddenly she got up that she was sick and that she had to go to the bathroom. She fell to the ground on the way. I quickly picked her up and tried to give her artificial respiration, “Krampol describes that tragic Monday night. “Nothing helped, then the doctor told me that she was bleeding from the ulcer on her esophagus,” the actor explained, adding that the ulcer had already ruptured his wife once, and they had to be transfused at Na Františku Hospital. “She was rescued then,” he commented.

Deadly cocktails
In the past, Hana had problems with pills and alcohol, which she combined uncontrollably. She also had major mental health problems, and she ended up in hospital several times due to her weakened body. In 2017, she had an epileptic seizure and was taken to a hospital on Prague’s Charles Square, where she was kept. She ended up in a psychiatric hospital several times last year. According to Krampol, however, he could not drink alcohol for his wife’s condition; injuries from the past allegedly played a role. The problems allegedly began when her mother, to whom she clung, died. She crushed her shoulder and had to have surgery.

Hana Krampolová about Jirka: I don’t care about him, he has to take care of me!

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