Three councilors from Milan, Trento and Ancona “self-report” for asking for the 600 euro bonus. “We don’t live on politics”

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“I would be involved in the scandal of the ‘crafty bonus‘and I self-report. I don’t live in politics because I don’t want to and couldn’t“. So Anita Pirovano, Councilor municipal a Milano for the list on the left Progressive Milan, explained in a Facebook post that he had obtained theInps indemnity intended for freelancers in difficulty due to the emergency coronavirus. Come i five deputies still anonymous, why none of them had the courage for now to come out. But there is another difference, substantial: “While working hard and being a member of an elected assembly (which does not guarantee me neither an indemnity nor trivially social security contributions) I have a decent annual income and nothing more“, Explains Pirovano, who is Psychologist and social researcher. After the Milan councilor, two other colleagues from other cities have also come forward and self-reported. Before Jacopo Zannini of Trento (The other Trento on the left) wrote on fb that he had asked for the 600 euro “since with the attendance fees I would not have made it to the end of the month“And” I also do not live by politics alone, I pay the rent every month and for March and April I was out of work “. Then also Francesco Rubini, city councilor ad Ancona: “I am a young man precarious lawyer – he explains – Now, dear populists, come and get me for processarmi“.

In her long message on Facebook, the Milanese councilor Pirovano says: “I have a mutual, I do the shopping, I keep mine daughter and even from time to time I like to go out and go on vacation during the holidays ”. But “I realized first-hand that having a job (in my case more than one self-employed) allows me to be ‘freer’ in the present political commitment and even more in the choices about the future, by definition uncertain” . In short: a situation totally different than that of an MP with one net salary of over 12 thousand euros expense reimbursements excluded. “Like so many I am indignant, because it is surreal that a parliamentarian in office benefits from social safety nets “, writes the councilor,” and I think it is paradoxical that an income support measure does not provide no income threshold. All that said, someone explains to me why as a worker, e politics is not a job by definition, shouldn’t I have asked for a measure to support workers because I am also involved in politics? ”.

The reasoning is very similar to that of the councilor of Ancona, Francesco Rubini, who was also candidate for mayor: “Ho 29 years old, I am a young precarious lawyer with a VAT number opened in 2019 and I am a Municipal Councilor in the Municipality of Ancona where I receive attendance fees (no salary, allowance, reimbursement, benefit etc, etc) for an average of 600/700 euros per month (I repeat: 600/700 euros) to manage commissions, council meetings, relations with citizens, meetings on the territory and everything related to the role ”, underlines Rubini. The councilor then explains that he is still “forced to barcamenarmi to have a decent monthly income “. Then he concludes: “Now, dear scrupulous populists, haters by profession, keyboard lions and various buffoons, come and get me to try me in your public square ridiculous war against ‘thieving politicians’. I am waiting for you with open arms ”.

As reported by Republic, among the recipients of the INPS bonus there would also be 2 thousand including regional councilors, regional and municipal councilors, regional presidents and mayors. “I get even more angry – concludes the city councilor Pirovano – if I think that among these probably also some mayor of a very small municipality with a huge public responsibility and an allowance of a few hundred euros per year, shared with the parliamentarians or regional councilors by the common political commitment but not by the bank account ”.

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