Three children with coronavirus died of mysterious illness

In the United States, three children have died of a puzzling shock syndrome that has been linked to the coronavirus. Dozens more have it.

In New York State, three children who had the coronavirus have died of toxic shock inflammation syndrome. This records the blood circulation and the heart – a connection is assumed. This was reported by the state governor Andrew Cuomo. Accordingly, the children tested positive for the coronavirus or antibodies, but did not show the typical symptoms of the disease. Cuomo said during an appointment in Manhattan on Saturday, “This is new. It’s developing.”

73 other children have already developed the syndrome, which is similar to Kawasaki syndrome. This leads to an inflammation of the vessel walls, a so-called vasculitis, which often also affects the heart. Usually children up to the age of eight get it.

The age of the deceased children is unknown except for one case. One victim was therefore five years old. Cuomo described this development as “truly disturbing”.


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