Three Celebrity Duos Compete on TF1’s Golden Family for Charity

Three celebrity duos will compete on original questions posed to a panel of 100 French people present on the game board.A gold family on TF1, the more the answer to the question will be popular, the more it will allow them to collect winnings, which can go up to 150,000 euros, for the charity of their choice. A draw will determine which person from the public will leave with a trip to the other side of the world.

How were the 100 French people present on the set chosen?

Bruno Guillon:We wanted them to be representative of our dear France, in terms of people’s gender, their age or even their region.

This game was adapted from the Italian version called 100% Italia. The latter is however broadcast on a daily basis and with lambda candidates. Why not copy the original program?

The Italian version can afford to involve anonymous people because the show is actually broadcast on a daily basis. In prime-time, we prefer personalities. For the moment, this is the chosen formula and I don’t think there are really any vacancies for a daily news item on France 2. Personally, I would find it difficult to fit a daily news item into my diary since I already have one, namely, Each turn. I don’t want to chase two hares at once.

What will your role be on this show?

I’m going to play my role as an ambiencer. It is also for this hat that France 2 calls on me more and more often. I also participate in the writing of questions. It can go in all directions: “What do you eat as an aperitif?” or even “If tomorrow, Marianne’s face had to be changed, which personality would you choose?” These are questions on which everyone has an opinion.

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Do you feel a certain pressure at the idea of ​​presenting only a prime-time show on Saturday evening, where the competition is fierce?

I’m not used to pressure myself anymore. In fact, I no longer feel like I’m putting my title on the line with each new show. Luckily for me, I’m not judged on that anymore. There are big meetings ahead, it’s true, but that’s what makes the challenge even more exciting. In addition, France 2 has been proving for some time that there are audiences to recover with a program different from the competition. I am thinking in particular of Your life in games, which worked well a few weeks ago.

What always motivates you to present entertainment on the small screen?

“I am passionate and I love my job. When I present a show, I don’t feel like I’m going to work. I really enjoy interacting with people and I’m really interested in what they say. I am campaigning for the return of the popular program to television.”

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

For me, the high mass was Champs Elysées with Michel Drucker on Antenne 2. I was also lulled by Les Enfants du rock, still on Antenne 2, and by Les Nuls on Canal +.”

However, it was not on TV but on the airwaves that you started your career…

I fell into radio when I was only 12 years old. When I spoke on the microphone for the first time, I understood that I wanted to do my job. So I moved on the airwaves and then I had the opportunity to do TV and I took it.

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Between radio and television, you have busy weeks. What’s your secret to staying in shape?

I manage my schedule well. I go to bed around 8:30 p.m. and I don’t overdo it on weekdays to make sure I’m in good shape.”

For three years, you presented Les Z’Amours on France 2, a cult game which was first worn by Jean-Luc Reichmann and then by Tex. Could the show return to the small screen or does it no longer correspond to what viewers expect today?

It is a program that made the best hours of France 2 for 25 years. She could, of course, return to the small screen because couple stories always interest and cross generations. But, for the moment, no return is envisaged.

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