Threatening your health … Jamal Shaban warns against using aspirin over the age of 40

And Jamal Shaaban added, on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, that recent studies have shown that there is no benefit from using aspirin routinely for children over the age of 40, on the contrary, the use of Aspirin Without justification, over the age of 40 exposes the patient to risks of bleeding, stomach ulcers and other serious complications, and may not provide any preventive benefit to the arteries of the heart or brain.

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The former dean of the Heart Institute indicated that children should use aspirin only according to the directions of the specialist doctor after making the necessary tests that confirm the presence of coronary, cerebral, or peripheral circulation deficiencies, which makes the person in need of treatment that raises blood flow to maintain blood flow inside the arteries without clots .

Jamal Shaaban emphasized that protection from strokes did not start after the age of 40, but protection from strokes and prevention of heart disease from childhood must be through the following: –

Healthy food rich in vegetables and fruits, and not to excessive intake of carbohydrates, sugars, animal fats and hydrogenated, and to accustom children from an early age to grilled and boiled foods, avoiding fried foods and fast food as possible, and drinking more water.

Avoid overweight and obesity.

Exercise regularly and walk 45 minutes a day

– Organizing the food: – Early breakfast Lunch does not exceed 5 pm

Light dinner “yogurt and fruit” at 10 pm

Or without dinner

Sleeping enough and how much and not staying up late.

Do not smoke and do not sit with smokers

Completely avoid smoking and all kinds of drugs.

Avoid stress and nervousness as much as possible.

– In the event that there are risk factors that directly affect the health of the arteries, such as pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, then these diseases are dealt with decisively and firmly through regular medical follow-up and intensive drug treatment to preserve the arteries from the repercussions of these diseases.

Even a completely healthy person who does not feel any symptoms must present himself to the doctor once a year for periodic examination and make some routine tests for early detection of any health problems, so the earlier the disease is detected, the more effective the treatment and the fewer complications Much.

– Take care to change the mood by going out weekly to break the routine of life and relieve work pressure. This greatly contributes to discharging negative energy and recharging positive energy and willingness to work after that in a better and more pure form.


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