Threat on FC Drouais – Romorantin, useless trip for Dreux Horizon … The latest football news in Eure-et-Loir

They made the trip for nothing!

Bad surprise, Sunday, for Dreux Horizon. When Ayhan Kirici’s team arrived at the Saint-Amand-Longpré stadium (Loir-et-Cher), after more than two hours on the road, there was no one to welcome them. The Drouais quickly understood that they would not play their match of the 3rd day of R3 scheduled for 3 pm. Information verified immediately. Due to a confirmed case of Covid in its ranks, the Saint-Amandinoise formation had been banned from playing by the ARS. The referees had been warned, not the Drouais clan who resumed the road towards the edges of the Blaise.

“We, when we were affected by the Covid at the start of the season, we had done things well, made phone calls to all those who were concerned, slips Ayahn Kirici. There, we no longer understand the protocol. Making the trip for nothing is really painful. For once I had my entire team. I hope at least that we will be reimbursed for travel expenses! ”

Chartres last in the Cup

Eliminated as soon as they entered the men’s competition with their N2 team, C’Chartres Football (R1) is still in the race for the French Women’s Cup.

It is even the last Eure-et-Loir club to qualify after a 1-0 victory in an undecided derby at Nogent-le-Roi (R3) on Sunday for the second round. In a meeting where the “little one” resisted well, the success of the CCF was acquired in the first period thanks to a goal from Laura Augusto. Now led by Grégory Poultier, the Chartraines will host the Loirétaines from FC Saint-Jean-le-Blanc (R2), in the 3rd round, on Sunday 25 October.

Bad luck for Trébel

Vernolitain Adrien Trébel, returned to the smell of sanctity after several aborted transfers, had a series of good performances since the start of the season under the colors of Anderlecht where coach Vincent Kompany finally trusted him. Patatras, the attacking midfielder injured his left knee and even had to undergo surgery. The duration of his unavailability has not been specified by the Brussels club. But it’s a new blow for the Eurelian, decidedly not varnished.

Beautiful people

C’Chartres Football beat Versailles 3-1 in front of several discerning observers of the round ball on Saturday, not far from the castle. Accustomed to the place, the former pro Jean-Luc Arribart, now a tv consultant, as well as Jano Resseguié, the voice of football on RMC radio, had thus taken place in the tribune of the Montbauron stadium. The first detected great potential at the CCF, judging that the players had a lot of qualities. Jean-Pierre Papin, the Chartres coach, certainly hopes that this will translate into other good results on the pitch.

C’Chartres Football wins in pain at Versailles [relisez le direct]

Threat to the Cup

On Saturday evening, CS Manvilliers (R2) should challenge Tours FC (N3) in a 5th round of the Coupe de France, the kickoff of which was set at 7 p.m. at the Bernard-Maroquin stadium. No problem. On the other hand, it is not guaranteed that FC Drouais (R1) will be able to face Romorantin (N2). The Loir-et-Cher club is indeed affected by Covid-19 with several positive cases. Saturday night, he was deprived by the ARS of his championship match against Bergerac (Dordogne), postponed two hours before kick-off. And nothing says today that the Solognots will be able to come to Dreux, Saturday – perhaps at 7 p.m. according to the wish formulated by the FCD – or even Sunday. To be continued…The defender of FC Drouais Thibaut Martin (in blue)


The C’Chartres Football reserve by winning (2-1) at the ogre Tours FC on Saturday, in National 3, achieved a small feat since the Tourainees had not lost since February 16. It was in Saran (1-0) and it was also the only setback for TFC in the league during the 2019-2020 season. And for the last home defeat of the Indre-et-Loire club, it was necessary to go back to March 8, 2019 against Villefranche (0-1), in the National.


Beaten 5-0 at home by the Portuguese of Tours on the 3rd day of R2, Louillard was struck down by one man or almost on Saturday. At close range, with the flat foot or in pivot, it is the same player who scored the 5 goals from Tours: Yanis Mamouni. The LAC was however warned, the attacker had already signed a double against Massay (5-1). But he could not do anything in the face of such individuality.

Friendly Le C’Chartres Football

Eliminated from the Coupe de France as soon as it entered the running, C’Chartres Football should not be idle next weekend when the 5th round will be played.

“We don’t do the things we tell ourselves! »: Jean-Pierre Papin, after the elimination of C’Chartres against Montlouis, in the Coupe de France

A friendly match against FC Mantes is thus scheduled for Friday evening in Chartres. The Yvelines club, relegated from N2 this summer, had a mixed start to the season with only one victory in four matches and are ranked 12th in N3 Ile-de-France.

Persico takes the lead

If his teammates Maxime Fleury and Mehdi Haddadou have unlocked their counter, Chartres striker Sébastien Persico scored his fifth goal of the season in the N2 league, Saturday in Versailles (Yvelines). He is now two steps ahead of a group of seven elements.

Chartrain Mehdi Haddadou author of the winning goal against Versailles

Sébastien Persico

5 buts : Persico +1 (C’Chartres Football). 3 buts : Popineau +1 (Blois) ?; Vernet (Châteaubriant) ?; Gerbeaud, Pellen +2 (Plabennec) ?; Fdaouch (Saint-Malo) ?; Henry (Vannes) ?; Hidasse (Versailles). 2 buts : Malaga (CCF)… 1 but : Archimbaud, Fleury, Haddadou, Lemb, Soukouna (CCF)…

Franck Thébault


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