Threat looms over Bulgaria today MAP

What will be the time of the first school day? The answer is given by the weather forecasters from Meteo Balkans. According to their forecasts, the temperatures will be summer, but around and in the afternoon we expect precipitation and the first thunderstorms for September.

The week started with summer temperatures, but in the middle the thunderstorms return. There is also a risk of light hail and sudden strong gusts of wind.

The high temperatures in our region come with the transfer of warmer air mass from North Africa, which will determine the daily course of degrees in Bulgaria and the Balkans. It will be cool early in the morning, but hot in the afternoon.

Precipitation will be unlikely, at least until September 15, except in isolated places in the Rila-Rhodope massif. Air temperatures will be in the wide range of 26 to 32 degrees, and sea water – about 23 degrees. The temperatures along the banks of the Danube remain higher.

The first day of school comes with summer temperatures, but also an unstable atmosphere. The first thunderstorms for September will form around and in the afternoon, and the precipitation in Central and Eastern Bulgaria will be more significant. The risk of hail also remains high.

The week will end with the passage of a cold atmospheric front. The wind from the northwest will intensify and temperatures will decrease.
Next week will begin with more frequent rainfall and autumn temperatures.

Where there will be thunderstorms

On the map we see where thunderstorms will form. According to the forecast of our weather forecasters, such phenomena are more likely over Northeastern Bulgaria and the mountainous regions of Southern Bulgaria.

Map: Operational model of MeteoBalkans



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