Thousands were having fun there! Do you remember Kanty in Jaworzno? See archival photos from the events!

Jaworzno. Kanty Club was one of the most famous discos in the province. Silesian. Hundreds of Zagłębie and Silesians used to party there. It closed in 2006. However, memories of the fantastic atmosphere, meetings with friends and fun until dawn remained. What were the parties like? See the archival photos.

Did you have fun at the Kanty club in Jaworzno? We have a large dose of memories from this iconic place for you. And although the club ended its activity over 14 years ago, for many regulars the time spent there are the first years of youth, meetings with friends and crazy fun to the rhythm of disco hits.

The Kanty Club was established in 1996 in Jaworzno. During the 10 years of its existence, thousands of partygoers have passed through the disco, dancing to hits such as Michael Jackson, Roxette or Madonna. Pop music reigned supreme, but you could also enjoy electronic music developing in the 90s, rap, alternative rock or the increasingly popular disco-polo.

This mixture of genres and the fantastic atmosphere of the club attracted not only residents, but also people from outside Jaworzno, who wanted to have fun in this unique place with friends until dawn.

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We remind you of Kanta discos in archival photos sent by club members. The photos come from the facebook page of the now-defunct, cult Kanty Club in Jaworzno – one of the most famous discos in the Silesian Voivodeship in the 1990s. We have received permission to publish them on the website


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