Thousands of women took to the streets of Belarus. Security forces intervened against students – CT24 – Czech Television

Students from the Minsk State Language University protested in several places in the Belarusian capital, including Kolas Square, James and Karl Marx Street in the city center.

During Saturday afternoon held a separate demonstration march Minsk, thousands of women and one of their slogans read “Hands off children,” Reuters. Some media estimate that the protest attended by over ten thousand people.

Belarusian president on Saturday said that the protesters by his action spreads coronavirus. While earlier pandemic disease covid-19 marked a “psychosis” that can be solved by drinking vodka and visiting saunas.

“Stagger through the streets, we rub with each other. Where is the respect for social distance and so forth? We’re doing everything we can to delay the moment when the disease goodbye. This is unacceptable, “Lukashenko said at a government meeting that aired.

Cichanouská meets with Polish Prime Minister

To Warsaw on Saturday, according to Reuters, also arrived at the Belarusian opposition activist Olga Kovalková, who claims that her departure from Belarus forced the local authorities. Kovalková in Belarus on October 25 sentenced to ten days in jail.

“Representatives of the Belarusian police and Interior Ministry came to me and said that if I do not agree with the departure from the country, I face long imprisonment,” said Kovalková at a press conference in Warsaw. She added that she was transported from prison to the border and then entered the Polish territory.

Wednesday should visit Warsaw opposition candidate for president Svjatlana Cichanouská and meet with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieckim. Politician, who fled to exile in Lithuania, on Friday called on the UN Security Council to “stop the blatant violations of human rights and cynical disregard for human dignity in the middle of Europe.”


Anti-regime demonstrations in Belarus erupted after the announcement Lukashenko a landslide victory in the presidential election held on August 9 and lasts for four weeks. Many people believe that the results were falsified and that in fact the opposition candidate won Cichanouská.

Lukashenko accused of electoral fraud declines. Since the beginning of August took to the streets of the Belarusian thousands of people across the country to protest against the election results. The opposition demands that Lukashenko resigned the presidency and release all political prisoners to be held new elections and that the police investigated the violence of the first days of August 9.

Most European countries along with the United States condemned the Belarusian electoral process and criticized Lukashenko for a tough approach to police and opposition protesters.


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